Image of Pork & 'Nduja Pasta Kit

Pork & 'Nduja Pasta Kit

£7.50 — Coming soon

Take SARTO home with this pork and 'nduja pasta kit with fresh, handmade Radiatori pasta. Each pasta kit contains one serving.

Please choose between Parmesan, Sheep Rustler (v) or no cheese.

ALLERGENS — celery, dairy, gluten, sulfites
CONTAINS — alcohol

Wine note included; however, we do have an off-license therefore if you were to opt-in for collection you can purchase wine from us in-store.

Place your order by 3pm for same evening delivery.

Image of Box of Pasta
Box of Pasta
£4.00 — Coming soon
Image of Garlic & Caper Butter Pasta Kit (v)
Garlic & Caper Butter Pasta Kit (v)
£7.00 — Coming soon
Image of Walnut Pesto Pasta Kit (ve)
Walnut Pesto Pasta Kit (ve)
£6.00 — Coming soon
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